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About Us

The National Vegetarian Museum was founded by Kay Stepkin, president of Go Veggie®. Kay opened and ran Chicago’s first modern-day vegetarian business, The Bread Shop, from 1971-1996.

Through Go Veggie!®, she hosted Dine Outs, Turkey-Free Thanksgiving dinners, potlucks, cooking classes and an 8-segment televised cooking show: Go Veggie!® with Kay.  She then wrote The Veggie Cook, a syndicated biweekly vegan column, for the Chicago Tribune for over 4 years.

Kay founded the National Vegetarian Museum in 2016 and it first opened its doors in 2017. The exhibit has been displayed at over 24 different locations around Chicagoland and attracts top speakers to its events. 
The museum has hosted over a dozen speakers, several documentary screenings, food demos and even a children’s book reading by international author Hélène Defossez.

The National Vegetarian Museum is building its own community and growing in support month by month. 

Although our movement’s history is vegetarian, we promote veganism today!


“I think the more people know about our history the stronger our great vegan movement will become.”

— Kay Stepkin, Founder of the National Vegetarian Museum


Watch Victoria Moran in a short video of vegetarian history, produced by the National Vegetarian Museum